Friday, January 21, 2011

minor setback

It never fails- when you get all excited about something- especially in my world of workouts- a minor irritation or other issue arises and makes it so that you cannot continue uninterrupted.  Lots of words to say that I am sick and my knee is messed up.  Either way, I am seriously ticked off because I can't workout today.  I don't know if I can tomorrow- we'll see how I feel after Zumba class in the morning.  While doing the final ab workout on the DVD yesterday (the exercise is bicycle crunches-SLOW), I could hear my left knee grinding.  I tried to flop it around, you know- get it back on track- so it would quit making that awful noise.  No luck with that, but I stuck out the exercise, because after all, Jillian is in the background yelling at you not to quit when you are almost done.  Well, unfortunately, my knee is now swollen, feels icky.  No sharp pain, thank goodness, just swollen and it feels like a loose tooth. Like one wrong move and it is toast.  I have too much at stake for my knee to be toast, so I will sit down and rest today.  And be super careful in class tomorrow. 
I was supposed to teach down at Dayton Daily News building today, but apparently I ate something that seriously disagreed with me, so there was no quick movements that were happening for me this morning- even if my knee would have been fine.  Probably was for the best all the way around, but I could have done without being so sick all night long and this morning. ugh.
I did manage to go get dog tags, pay the City of Clayton bill, and go to Krogers without incident this afternoon.  All without even being tempted by soda or fast food!  I just wanted to get some healthy stuff and get home and eat.  And I even had a big glass of milk to drink this morning.  Geesh, making changes all the way around.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!  Be safe (if you are in all this snow) & enjoy!

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