Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I feel great!

oh, thank goodness I could get out of bed this morning!! :)  I was feeling pretty rough last night, my delayed onset muscle soreness didn't delay too much-- I was pretty sore!  But I took a nice hot shower and relaxed and I think that helped.  All in all, I feel absolutely wonderful today!  I am going strong on no soda pop, and being home all week has made it pretty easy to avoid fast food.  And we are out of cheese, so my problem food #3 is taken care of as well! :) 
I must say that it feels pretty good to sit here on the couch, drinking my cup of coffee, looking out at a drab, dreary day, and know that I don't have anywhere I have to be until much later this evening.  I do plan on heading out to the store, after my workout.  But there is no rush to anything that I am going to do today.  My ipod is charged and ready to go, just have to tweak the playlist based on how many new songs I can learn today... 
So back to the workout.  I must say, I love circuit training.  Especially Jillian's approach using the 3-2-1 combination.  You are never doing one exercise long enough to get burnt out on it.  It goes so fast, you are finished before you realize you are really working hard.  (the only exception is the final ab workout, that minute seems long, but it is the very last thing, so no big deal!)  :)
So Day 2 of the shred, I am ready to go!  Hope you have a wonderful day too!

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  1. You aren't kidding about that last minute ab workout!!! Whew!