Thursday, January 20, 2011

extra energy? I totally forgot about that part!

Again, I am blown away by these past couple of days.  I have done 2 days of the shred, and I can tell a huge difference.  First off, I noticed that yesterday after I worked out, I ran up my basement stairs.  (you have to understand, stairs have always been an issue for me- and I am normally pretty reserved in how I go up or down on them)  THEN when I got to church, I skipped down the stairs there to get to the basement where Zumba class is held.  HUH?  How can 2 little workouts make me feel that much different?  oh wait, it gets better!  So, I felt pretty stupid on Monday when I had to cancel class because of my missing ipod-- well, I planned a pretty intense class to work everyone pretty hard to make up for the missed workout.  Yes, I was winded; yes, I was red in the face.  BUT I had this surplus of energy that I have not experienced in a long, long time.  It felt wonderful.  I am trying to get to the point where I do my shred early in the day, but I am SO NOT a morning person, and have had some difficulty getting up and going each morning this week.  (hey, it's my vacation, I'm allowed, right?) 
Next month begins a Weight Loss Support Group.  I am so excited about this.  I sent emails out to my students yesterday and have heard back from about 10 people so far who are ready to go!  I still have to write an article and put it on the online publication for the city.  Because it is the people who are too scared to come to Zumba because they think they are too heavy, or because they are so inactive they are overwhelmed about starting a workout program- those are who we truly need to reach.  Let them know it isn't hopeless- that slowly but surely we can all work our ways to healther bodies.  I can't wait for that fun to begin.  Plus I get to dive back into all of my material that I learned last year and get to share great information with people.  That is always a great feeling. 
Well, enough rambling for today...  Day 3 of shred- coming up.  Day 4 of no pop or fast food--  I mentioned to my boyfriend last night that I felt great and I totally attributed that to the workouts and the lack of pop and FF.  Now hopefully I can plan well enough next week that I can take my lunch and have snacks during school days so that I don't have to go anywhere near a fast food joint! 
Have a great day everyone!!

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