Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting back into it

Hello again!  I have missed being here...  No wonder I have felt completely out of control.  I haven't made the time to get on here and just go on and on about whatever was crossing my mind that day.  I have let my chaos overtake me and this past month has been pure hell.  But now I feel much better, like I am back in the driver's seat of my life, and that now I can make some significant progress- in every part of my life. 

I started off by making a list on Sunday night of all the things I wanted to accomplish this week.  Once everyone was quieted down for the night, I sat in bed with my notebook and pen and just wrote.  I wrote things I wanted to accomplish, things I have to get done, things I want to get done.  I have a sheet for 'online' stuff and a sheet for home stuff.  Then I even broke it down on Tues & Thurs what I wanted to get done in what time slots.  I feel like I need a schedule or nothing will get done and I will spend the day playing Baking Life and watching episodes of Dexter. 

Let me back up a moment and update you on what has been going on that has been good this month.  Classes have been AWESOME!  Great energy, lots of sweat and smiles! ;)  Everyone has been so patient with me and my knee issues..  Severe pain sidelined me from this month's Saturday Zumba Nights, but I was able to go to my muscle activation specialist and she fixed me right up!!!  Apparently my ribcage, right hip and right ankle were all locked up, muscles not firing right.  That put a heck of a lot of torque in my knee, which led to the severe pain.  But she did her magic (that one day I will know how to do!!!) and I was better immediately.  I have felt myself slipping back, especially in my ribs, so I have been trying to be really careful about how I am moving and supporting my body.  Especially in massage class.  I was in tears yesterday at the end of the hour b/c my back was screaming at me.  But I realized what I had done wrong, and I will be certain to correct that next time!!! (no bend in the knees= OUCH!)

We have also started our Weight Loss Support Group at the church on Sunday nights.  We begin with a weigh-in, then have a short time where I talk a bit on a topic, then we have an open discussion.  Two weeks in and I must say, I think we are all benefitting from this.  Some accountability and education-- a great combo! ;)  I am going to use this blog as a place where people can see what we discussed at the meetings- that way if they have to miss a meeting, they will still have access to the material we covered, ask questions, start conversation even throughout the week!  There is no reason why we can't support each other through the week as well!!!  So even if you aren't a part of the group that meets weekly, please feel free to post thoughts, etc...

Hmmm, well, I don't want to write a book (too late, I know) on here, but I had so much to catch up! lol
I will be back to post the topics from the 13th and the 20th here sometime this week.  But for now, I am going to consult my list and continue on so that I stay on task for today! ;)  I can do this!!! (thank you coffee!)

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